How to become a Master Gardener Volunteer:

Ohio State University Extension Montgomery County Master Gardener Volunteer Program is now accepting applications.  NEW THIS YEAR: The 2021 Master Gardener Volunteer training will consist of both online modules, hands-on labs, and either a presentation project or a field-based project approved by the ANR Extension Educator.  Interns are expected to attend a virtual orientation and a minimum of 5 labs but can pick and choose either by topic or date. The cost of the training is $150.00.

Basic Training topics are basic botany, soils, fertilizer and compost, entomology, plant pathology, integrated pest management, plant propagation and houseplants, lawn care, home herb, vegetable and fruit production, backyard wildlife management, pollinators, and other topics of county interest.

Working with county Ohio State Extension personnel, Master Gardener Volunteers provide educational services to their communities.  If you are a garden enthusiast, this is a great opportunity to share your gardening know-how and skills with others in your community.

To learn more about the application process, visit or send questions to Suzanne Mills-Wasniak at or call 937-952-1614.

To begin the process, follow the steps listed at:

YouTube Climate Change Series!

In association with the South Centers, OSU Extension's own Thomas Blaine, PhD, has initiated a video series on YouTube called Earth is our Home.  The first episode is an introduction to climate change and is ready to view:

New episodes will come about every three weeks and will be in 30 min. installments.


To view a Zoom presentation click on a link below:


8/11/21 Alyssa Essman:  Weed ID & Ecology Handout

6/9/21 Timothy McDermott, DVM: The State of Ticks in Ohio


5/12/21 J.T. Benitez:  Mosquitoes & Chiggers - No Friend To Me!


3/14/21 Joe Boggs: What's Happening in the Landscape: an Update on Tree and Shrub Pests and Diseases Cicada Safari Link (Homepage)


3/24/21 Dr. David Gardner: Spring Lawncare Strategies for Homeowners


2/10/21 Alyssa Zearley:  Urban Soil Investigation  


1/26/21 Aaron Wilson:  Climate Change Impacts on Gardening and Agriculture in SW Ohio

Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) Program in Montgomery Co.

Anyone that wants to learn more about plants and gardening, is eager to participate in a practical and intensive training program, enjoys sharing their knowledge with others, has the time to devote to the program and a desire to serve their community may join the program.  Applicants must contact Suzanne Mills-Wasniak, Montgomery County Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, at 937-952-1614 or then complete the steps listed under Master Gardener Application Process and pay all related fees in order to qualify for the program.