Parenting Education Dialogue Coalition (PEDC)

Parent Education Dialogue Coalition is a network of individuals and organizations committed to increasing awareness of community resources and educational opportunities for families. 


All families will have the knowledge, resources, and support to flourish. 

Meetings are open to all organizations, agencies, or others that provide services and education to families of all ages and composition.
Contact Pat Holmes,, for more information

Hope you can join us as we continue to find ways to network, collaborate and learn more about what is happening in Montgomery County.

Successful Co-Parenting 

A seminar to help co-parents understand how their children (infants through teens) are affected by changes and stress in the home. 
Contact Pat Holmes,, for more information
Phone: 937-637-6537

You can find more information about the onlilne course and registration at

Watch this short video about Building Strong Foundations for Ohio's Youngest Learners

When working with young children, one size does not fit all! They have specific needs and interests that can make or break your programming efforts. Participants will explore the research behind developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) and review the three core considerations, 12 guiding principles, five guidelines for effective teaching, and ten teaching strategies that support developmentally appropriate practice when working with young children.