Tai Chi for Beginners Winter Series

Next free Tai Chi for Beginners VIRTUAL series starting in January! January 16 – March 7  1:30 – 2:15 pm

Register now to save your spot or a spot for your group at  https://go.osu.edu/taichi-winter2024 

Details are on the attached flyer  Use “2023” as the year on the waiver form.

Questions? Contact Lorrissa Dunfee dunfee.54@osu.edu or Caitlin Smith-Mathews Mathews-smith.1@osu.edu  

Considering a Homemade Gift This Year?
Thinking about giving a homemade gift this year? Our friends in the North Central Food Safety Extension Network put together some helpful information to remember this gift giving season:

While they may look like easy gifts to give, you don't want to give the gift of foodborne illness! Bread or cakes baked in canning jars, then applying the lid, can create a low-oxygen environment. This, combined with baked goods high in moisture and low in acid, can support the growth of botulism. Canning jars are not designed to be used in the oven per manufacturer recommendations. Dry heat puts stress on the jars and can cause them to break. The best options? Use oven-safe baking pans for baked goods. Freeze baked goods for later use. Learn more at https://extension.psu.edu/food-preservation-setting-the-record-straight-on-canning-breads-and-cakes  and https://www.clemson.edu/extension/food/canning/canning-tips/36cakes-breads.html

Blast Off! Launch your PARENTING to new heights!

The next group of the 2023-2024 Blast Off! series will be 12:30-2:30 pm on Tuesdays.

Parenting of Birth to Four-year-old children, November 7, 14, 21, 28
Parenting of Five to Twelve-year-old children, January 9, 16, 23, 30
Parenting of Teen-age children, February 6, 13, 20, 27

 No charge to attend. To register, please visit https://go.osu.edu/blastoffregistration

Schools are back in session, and kids are heading to the cafeteria with full minds and hungry bellies. Check out Ten Tips for Packing Waste-Free Lunches from the OSU Extension Sustainability Team . 

Click here for Ten Tips for Packing Waste-Free Lunches.

Click here for tip sheets, videos, and other resources. 


Tips for Teens

As we prepare for yet another bout of winter weather coming our way, this Tips for Teens video will ensure that you are prepared for traveling in winter conditions and have your vehicle stocked and ready for whatever you may encounter. This Tips for Teens video on Winter Travel Tips features Huron County 4-H Educator, Haley Evans. When traveling in the winter, even if it is not far away, it is good to ensure that you and your vehicle have what it takes to endure whatever conditions mother nature throws at us. This video will take you through some essential items that can be placed in your vehicle to help you in times of need along with how to read and check your tire pressure. 



In addition, all videos can be found on the Ohio 4-H website here: https://ohio4h.org/families/just-teens/tips-teens

Food Waste and Your Fridge 

The January sustainability video is “Food Waste and Your Fridge” and is brought to you by Ohio State University Extension’s SAVE Team (Sustainable Action Through Video Engagement.) This month’s video includes tips on using your fridge to preserve your food for as long as possible to avoid food waste.

Video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZawpC2e38o

Tips for Teens - Dining Etiquette

Check out this Tips for Teens YouTube video on Dining Etiquette featuring Erie County 4-H Educator, Angela Holmes.  Whether going to a restaurant, or enjoying a meal at home with family or friends, Angela will go over the basics of dining etiquette.




Do you have questions about thawing, cooking your turkey and need recipes for leftovers, too? Checkout the following free resources from the Partnership for Food Safety Education:


Everybody's Got A Story.... What's Yours?

Join this 8-week workshop where you write your story as they guide you through the writing process!

No prior writing skills are needed. Nothing is collected. Write on paper or on a computer. It's as easy as that! Register today!

Click here to view the flyer!

SAVE (Sustainable Action through Video Engagement)

Hiking and Sustainability is part of the SAVE (Sustainable Action through Video Engagement) video series. This video series focuses on helping people live more sustainably within their homes and communities and promote simple everyday actions people can take to conserve.

To watch the video click the link below:

Link: https://youtu.be/icue46un3Ow

It's the beginning of May and the sunshine is calling!

Watch the Healthy Aging telecast on sun safety, featuring Pat Brinkman.


Now scheduling free virtual Mindful Wellness classes for adults.  Select one or a series of 3 to 5 for your group.  Contact Pat at holmes.86@osu.edu or call 937-637-6537.

Classes include Introduction to Mindfulness, Mindful Foundations, Mindful Breathing, Mindful Eating, Mindful Living.

For more information, click here!

Dial-type canner gauges can be tested at our office by advancec appointment only.  Contact Pat at holmes.86@osu.edu or call 937-637-6537.

Due to COVID-19 you must wear a mask.  Dial-type gauges should be tested yearly!

Food Preservation / Fact Sheets

Food Preservation Office Hours / video recordings - Ohio State University Extension All recordings posted:  https://go.osu.edu/foodpreservationofficehoursrecordings

We are not holding in-person classes due to COVID-19; however, these FREE recordings of virtual trainins are available for you to view at your convenience:

Preparing for Canning

Jams and Jellies

Canning and Freezing Cegeta bles

Canning and Freezing Fruit



This week's Teen Tip Video  

This week’s Teen Tip video was created by Family and Consumer Sciences Educator Whitney Gherman. It is called “How to Use Mindfulness to Settle your Body (and Feel Good!)” and is available at https://youtu.be/jiRBGEAefSo. Mindfulness is not about fixing life's problems -- it’s about noticing what is. "Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: On purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” Please share this video via social media platforms, with community partners, and any other youth serving organizations. A complete listing of the Tips for Teens video series is at fcs.osu.edu/news/tips-teens

Better Lives, Stronger Communities

OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) gives people the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make healthy, informed choices. We teach and promote safe food practices, better nutrition, better finances and better relationships – helping people acquire the knowledge and skills to make smart decisions in these areas.

Our family and consumer sciences professionals turn evidence-based, impartial, current research into useful information that can improve the quality of people’s lives. We work to make information accessible to all Ohioans.

You can count on FCS to provide reliable, evidence-based information to encourage – and empower – people to adopt practices and behaviors to improve their finances, build more positive relationships with friends and family, and embrace healthier, nutritious lifestyles.

Montgomery County consumers that have questions, or seek additional information may contact:

Pat Holmes, FCS Extension Educator, at the OSU Extension Montgomery County office via phone 937-637-6537 or email holmes.86@osu.edu

You can also learn more about all OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences programs at http://fcs.osu.edu.

Extension has been helping all Ohioans build better lives, better businesses and better communities since 1914.