Youth ages 5-18 can participate in 4-H projects as an afterschool club or focus on specialized 4-H programs as an extension of the existing youth after-school program/youth organization. We offer 4-H afterschool programs training and resources to run a 4-H program, or we are able to come out and teach 4-H curriculum. 

Why choose 4-H?Experiential Learning Model Chart

Youth participating in a 4-H club or program learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills all while having fun! The Experiential Learning Model keeps youth engaged in what they learn, and allows them to think critically and solve problems independently. Our goal is to provide the community with science-based knowledge to create oppputunities to improve social, econmical and enviromental conditions. 4-H empowers all youth to reach their potential and help them succeed. 

Impact on Youth

In 2018 almost 558,000 youth participated in a 4-H club, group, or special interest program in Ohio. Here in Montgomery County we served 2,753 youth through 4-H. According to a Tufts study, 4-H'ers contribute more to their families and communities, achieve higher grades in school and are more likely to go to college. 4-H'ers are also less likely to suffer from depression and less likely to participate in risky behavior like drinking or smoking. 

To Learn more about the 4-H After-School program contact
Betty Wingerter, 4-H Educator
Phone: 937-952-1620