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  1. 2014 Farm Bill - Key Information and Websites

    Nov. 25, 2014

    For important deadlines, contact information, helpful links, and PLC & ARC program overviews click here.


  2. Want To Join 4-H?

    Nov. 25, 2014

    What do 4-Hers do?

    Attend club meetings in their community, complete at least one project per year, conduct their own meetings, decide their own club activities, help their community, work with adult advisors and other kids to "make the best better" and have lots of FUN.

    How much does 4-H cost?

  3. Conversations on the Future of Extension

    Sept. 22, 2014

    Celebrating the significant accomplishments and deep impact that OSU Extension has had on communities and in the lives of Ohioans provides a great springboard for the future. A significant component of Ohio’s celebration in 2014 will be a year-long process focused on our future. The primary work this year will center on futuring – asking questions about and envisioning the long-term future of OSU Extension as well as the role the organization should play in shaping and positively impacting Ohio and Ohio residents.

  4. Smith-Lever Act Centennial Celebration

    March 06, 2014

    The 100-year anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act, which officially created the national Cooperative Extension System, will be celebrated in 2014. Activities this year will highlight our past and focus on the current application of Cooperative Extension’s mission and vision as we move into our next century.