October 3, 2018 - 1:04pm -- Anonymous

During the last 6 months SNAP-Ed has partnered with Public Health for the Healthy Corner Store Initiative. The Healthy Corner Store Initiative is designed to help corner stores in food desert communities in Dayton to build relationships with store owners and make gradual changes with support and training. It was determined that the stores were unable to provide nutrition education and tastings for the people shopping at the stores. SNAP-Ed’s goal for this partnership is to provide nutrition education for these small convenient stores. The three SNAP-Ed Program Assistants in the Montgomery County have been setting up a stand with nutrition information such as proper cooking temperature magnets, Celebrate Your Plate jar openers, and even fruit salad made with canned and fresh fruits. The grocery store customers have said: “We love that you are doing this” and “It is not only needed but very much wanted”. SNAP-Ed will be back in the spring with new recipes and food demonstrations.

Cup of Fruit 

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