June 8, 2020 - 3:29pm -- brown.5517@osu.edu

In our Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), we often hear from class participants that they would like to purchase more fresh produce.  If you have ever wondered where to purchase local food in Montgomery County, Ohio State University Extension has launched a website for you.  This initiative was started by Ohio State University Extension in Highland County as means of connecting consumers with the local food producers in their county.  Their local initiative quickly spread statewide and now, this resource is available here in our county.

By clicking on this link, you can access a statewide database organized by county.  Local food producers are encouraged to upload their information through an online survey.  Consumers can access the list for their county which also indicates whether the local food producer accepts WIC and/or EBT, as well as what foods are sold and at what locations.

OSU Extension looks to expand the database as more local food producers add their information. If you are a local food producer, we look forward to receiving your information.  For county residents looking to purchase food from local producers, we hope you find this tool helpful.

For more information about EFNEP, please contact the Montgomery County Extension office at 937-224-9654 or email Nancy Lyons (Program Specialist) at lyons.489@osu.edu.  For more information about Agriculture and Natural Resources, please contact Suzanne Mills-Wasniak at mills-wasniak.1@osu.edu.

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Written By Diana Unger, EFNEP Program Assistant, OSU Extension Montgomery County
Reviewed By Suzanne Mills-Wasniak, Educator, OSU Extension Montgomery County