October 1, 2019 - 12:01am -- brown.5517@osu.edu

Youth, ages 5-18, participating in a 4-H club or program learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills all while having fun! With our "hands-on" approach youth are able to stay more engaged, think critically, and learn how to solve problems independently. 4-H empowers all youth to reach their potential and help them succeed.

With 4-H After-School, our extension office is able to work with afterschool programs/clubs or community youth development organizations to develop youth self-resposibility, comunication skills and reading skills. Most after-school prgramming is free with the exception of a few lessons where we charge $3 per child for supplies used. After-school programs meet for a minimum of 6 hours (usually once a week over 6 weeks) learning about topics covering healthy living, leadership, and STEM. Each session includes hands-on activities, group discussion, and application to the real world. Each participant recieves a 4-H membership name card, and at the end of the program each participant recieves a participation certificate! 

After-School programs/organizations can participate in 4-H projects as an afterschool club or focus on specialized 4-H programs as an extension of the existing program/organization. 4-H projects range in topics from animals to computers, public speaking, cooking, art, gardening, environmental sciences and more! 

To schedule a 4-H After-School program contact Dasia Brown, 4-H/FCS Program Assistant
Phone: 937-224-9651 ext.113
Email: brown.5517@osu.edu